Projects Process Profile © Mia Rockel

Visual Identity

Dynamic Branding System
Commissioned by: Agence Babel
CD: Laurent Nuyen,
Delphine Bommelaer

Particle animation

Agence Babel is France's number one independent Agency operating at global scale. After it's first five years and with the nomination of a new creative leadership the branding system was updated and renewed to reflect core creative ideas such as collaboration, positive momentum and hybridity, which unite 200 individuals in an ever evolving agency structure.

The brand refresh was concepted as vibrant screen-first motion branding with the developement of custom creative tools to generate a motion particle representation of the tower of Babel. The work includes a logo update, redesign of all brand elements and guidelines such as wayfinding, printed, digital and online media, mailing and merchandize.

Brand Elements

Hello Babel Branding

logo for intranet portal


Print application example

Print production detail


Stationery, e-mail and newsletter templates

Office supplies detail

Office supplies detail

Office supplies detail


wayfinding application example

facade banner

Tote Bag

Print Collateral

Digital Stills